Nimrod Partush

Ph.D. In Computer Science from the Technion, Israel.

Researcher with interests in PL, Program Analysis, Security, Binary Code, Machine Learning, Big Data and Big Code.

Projects & Interests

Academic Experience

\section{[2011 -- 2016] Ph.D. Computer Science -- Technion, Israel}
Research Thesis: \emph{Differential Program Analysis}
Advisor: Prof. Eran Yahav
Started on the M.Sc. program, moved to the prestigious direct PhD course.
\section{[2002 -- 2006] B.Sc. Computer Science -- Technion, Israel} 
Graduated \emph{Summa Cum Laude}

Professional Experience

def professional_experience(year):
  result = []
  if 2006 <= year <= 2011:
    result.append("Communication officer, IDF")
  if 2007 <= year <= 2009:
    result.append("Software Engineer, Intel, Israel")
  if year == 2012:
    result.append("Research Intern, Intel, Israel")
    result.append("Research Intern, Mozilla, New Zealand")    
  if year == 2014:
    result.append("Research Intern, Microsoft Research, USA")   
  return result

Awards and Scholarships

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Conference Publication  
PLDI ‘17 Similarity of Binaries through re-Optimization Paper
ATC ‘17 Engineering Record and Replay for Deployability Paper
ISSTA ‘17 Refining Interprocedural Change-Impact Analysis using Equivalence Relations Paper
PLDI ‘16 Statistical Similarity of Binaries Paper
BlackHat Asia ‘15 Exploiting Social Navigation Paper
OOPSLA ‘14 Abstract Semantic Differencing via Speculative Correlation Paper
SAS ‘13 Abstract Semantic Differencing for Numerical Programs Paper