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The Obfvious Compiler

Obfvious is a LLVM & Clang (version 12) based compiler focused on Windows binaries obfuscation. It’s currently implemented as an integral part of Clang and is invoked automatically as part of the compilation.

Obfvious was incepted during my research on executable similarity. I was contemplating using the technique for malware similarity, and wanted to examine how reliant are static AV engines (exposed through VirusTotal) on meta data such as hard-coded strings and debug info (Spoiler: they are very reliant). Although seeming a trivial task, as hard as I looked I could not find a compile time tool that hides strings without needing to manually alter the code. So I created one.

I’ve open sourced Obfvious as a tool for other researchers interested in binary and malware analysis. I’m planning on adding more obfuscation techniques as time allows (and per request).

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